Novum Bank Limited obtained its credit licence from the Malta Financial Service Authority in 2009.

The bank’s business is focused on Card/Stored Value and as a lender providing credit products in niche segments to individuals and corporates.

The bank has passported its activities into 5 European countries where it aims to establish itself as a significant player in the markets and services it provides.

In 2012 Novum Bank Limited received approval from MasterCard® to become a principal member and to issue any product from the MasterCard® set of products.

After establishing a name for itself in the card business principally in Germany, in 2012 the bank acquired an online lending capability and currently lends into Spain, Germany, Austria and France from its base in Malta.

The bank sees its future in providing innovative financial solutions and will build its online capabilities to offer these products and services in new countries in the coming years.

Our history defines who we are