Prepaid Solutions

  • Money2Go Mastercard
  • BenefitCard Premium
  • Scenic card
Prepaid Cards are ideal for individuals looking for an alternative financial solution to traditional bank accounts and for businesses looking to expand their brand, create affinity and loyalty and improve their overall profitability.

Novum Bank Limited has the capability to issue either closed loop cards, that have restricted usage, or open loop cards, that are accepted wherever the MasterCard® brand is accepted. Also, the bank can issue prepaid cards as a traditional plastic card, for POS and ATM use, or as a virtual card, for ecommerce use only. Plastic cards can also be issued with the latest contactless technology.

Novum Bank Limited can offer a wide range of prepaid solutions.
The bank has launched its Money2Go MasterCard® in Germany and the Netherlands and also manages a number of programs for strategic partners.

You can learn more about our current consumers and corporate cards by consulting the links below.
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