Money2Go MasterCard®

Money2Go Mastercard

Money2Go MasterCard® is a product of Novum Bank Limited. The Money2Go MasterCard® is a prepaid card; this means that prior to any use it must be loaded with money. It is easy to load the card and once loaded it allows you to start shopping right away in stores as well as on the internet.
The Money2Go MasterCard® offers the convenience of a credit or debit card, but allows you to set a spending limit according to your budget. You can only spend what is on the card and check your balance and transactions at any time online on the website.

The card is available to everyone, regardless of credit rating, income, or whether or not the customer holds a bank account; you just need to be 18 or over and EEA resident. All that is needed is an acceptable proof of identity.

The Card can be used to pay worldwide at over 33 million merchants that accept MasterCard® and has the MasterCard® contactless technology that makes everyday purchases quick and safe with just a tap of the contactless-enabled Money2Go MasterCard®. This technology is becoming increasingly common and accepted in many shops, restaurants, pubs and cafés.

If the card is lost or stolen, it can be blocked, moreover the chip and PIN code protect customers from fraud.

Money2Go MasterCard® in Germany

The Money2Go MasterCard® is sold in Germany only in authorized Points of Sale.
The store location list can be checked out here.
The Card can be topped up anytime with SOFORT, Bank transfer and vouchers.

For more information about Money2Go MasterCard® in Germany, please visit the website:

Money2Go MasterCard® in the Netherlands

The Money2Go MasterCard® is sold online in the Netherlands through the website and is available to everyone.
The Card can also be purchased at the authorised Points of Sale. If the card is bought at a retailer, you will have to activate it online.
The Card can be topped up anytime with iDEAL, Bank transfer and vouchers.

For more information about Money2Go MasterCard® in the Netherlands, please visit the website:

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