Joker MasterCard®

Joker MasterCard® is a product of Novum Bank Limited.

The Joker MasterCard® is a prepaid card, this means that prior to any use it must be loaded. You can top it up with a voucher, SOFORT or a bank transfer.
The card is sold in Germany through Points of Sales and can be activated online on the Joker Card website.
We currently offer three types of Joker MasterCards that cover different customers’ needs.

Joker MasterCard® - Your day-to-day Prepaid MasterCard®

The Joker MasterCard® is a great alternative to traditional debit or credit cards.
This prepaid card allows you to top up funds into in plastic card which is accepted anywhere across the MasterCard® network. This enables you to load the card with the right amount of money you wish to carry and it can be used to shop safely online and in store. You can use the card to pay bills, to pay for your travel expenses when you are abroad and even more.
The card has a PIN code and a CHIP that make it secure and protect you from fraud.

Joker Online MasterCard® – The card you need for your online purchases

The Joker online MasterCard® is a virtual card, this means that you don’t receive a physical plastic card, but you are provided with all the data you need to perform online purchases: the 16-digit card number, a validity date, the CVV code and the name on the card.
The card works just like any other prepaid card and is the perfect solution for all those people who need a card to make online or telephone purchases.
It can be loaded as a normal physical card and can be used online anywhere the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark is displayed.

Joker MasterCard® Gift Card – The Perfect Gift!

The Joker MasterCard® Gift Card is designed to be a gift for holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries or any other celebration.
Nowadays many people prefer to give a prepaid gift card rather than actual cash or more traditional gifts.
This card has a standard value of € 25 and is not reloadable. Once the funds on it have been spent, the card won’t be active anymore.
The Joker Gift Card is a MasterCard®, so it can be used online or in stores anywhere the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark is displayed.

For more information about Joker MasterCard®, please visit the website:

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