Novum Bank Limited in collaboration with Cornercard to launch Cornercard Instant

Malta, November 4, 2016
Novum Bank Limited has been entrusted with a collaboration project with Cornèrcard to launch Cornèrcard Instant, a new virtual card that can be used for Apple Pay in Switzerland.

Cornèrcard Instant is a product of Corner Bank SA that enables customers to pay with their devices.
This innovative card has been designed to be the fastest Swiss prepaid card allowing customers to use Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.
Customers can easily connect the card to the Apple account and pay with their fingerprints. Thanks to this unique functionality, customers don’t have to own a physical plastic card and to pay they don’t need a wallet or a bank account.
Cornèrcard Instant can be used to buy in a wide range of online shops or in shops that accept contactless payments.
Instant by Cornèrcard also ensures secured personal data and 24/7 phone support in four languages.

Novum Bank Limited provides the front web for customers to register and manage the card and the whole technical infrastructure to get the card details in line with PCI - DSS.

About Cornèr Bank SA/Cornèrcard
Founded in Lugano in 1952, Cornèr Bank is a private and independent Swiss banking institution. First in Switzerland to launch the Visa credit card in 1975, Cornèr Bank became a major player in shaping the Swiss credit and prepaid card industry through on-going innovation. In addition to Visa, Cornèr Bank integrated the MasterCard credit card in its portfolio in 1998. Cornèrcard has further expanded its presence in the payment card industry with the acquisition of the Diners Club license for Switzerland in 2014. Cornèrcard offers a wide range of credit and prepaid cards based on the latest technologies, and is now also among the pioneers in the Internet industry. Cornèr Bank was one of the first banking institutions in Europe to introduce Secure E-Commerce standards, and aims to continuously develop its services in the e-commerce and mobile commerce sectors.

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