About Cashper

Cashper offers a quick and straight-forward access to small cash amounts to all consumers who need some extra money. 

Clients can apply for a micro loan on the Cashper websites in few easy steps and will receive the amount desired very quickly. The service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
We currently offer microloans in the range of € 50 - € 1000 with maturity periods of 15 to 30 to 60 days, depending on the loan amount and the legislative framework of the location.

Customers decide the amount of money they wish to borrow and for how long with the ability to rely on a professional brand and high quality service.
Customers are provided with clear information on the duration and loan sizes available and the associated fees.

Once the customer has filled in the application form and provided the necessary proof of identity, a loan decision can be made within minutes. The customer then needs to confirm acceptance of the loan before the pay-out takes place.

In some jurisdictions, the speed of payout is dependent on the customer opting for certain extra services; in others, the extra services are already included in the fee charged.
Cashper is in compliance with and observes the requirements of the Data Protection Act (Organic Law on Data Protection); so all customers’ data will only be used to the extent that is necessary to complete the processing of credit.

Moreover, Cashper respects the right of the applicant to withdrawal the application for the loan, in line with the applicable consumer laws.

For more information about Cashper in each country, visit the local websites:

Cashper Spain: www.cashper.es
Cashper Germany: www.cashper.de
Cashper Austria: www.cashper.at
Cashper Denmarkwww.cashper.dk

Cashper, your friendly financier